Sunday, May 21, 2017

Make Your Layouts More Meaningful

I really wanted to write a blog post on Mother's Day featuring an amazing layout.  I did find a Mother's Day layout that I created a couple of years ago but was less that impressed.  Although the paper and embellishments were cute and there was nothing wrong with the layout or photos, something was missing.  I realized that I had no journaling on the page. I didn't tell the story about my day.  This layout had no feeling, no connection to me as the viewer.  The number one way to make your layouts more meaningful is to add journaling.  The photos don't always tell the entire story.  Here is an example of some prompts that I could have journaled about.

  • It appears that I'm happy but what else was I feeling?
  • I know it's Mother's Day but what else happened that day?
  • I know that my daughter Hailey sent me the flowers but will I remember this when I'm older?
  • The card says "love Baby Bear" it there a story behind the nickname?
  • What was the conversation as I thanked her for the gift?
  • What year is it? (a minimum requirement)

Journaling does not have to take a long time.  It can be hand written.  If I don't have room on my layout for a large amount of journaling I often put it on a journal card and slip it behind a photo.  Don't fret if you've made the same mistake that I did.  I will write about this day on a journal card and add it to this layout. 

Now let's go create! Shanna

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Record Your Child's Growth Through Photos

Check out my latest layout on Get It Scrapped. I love watching my beautiful daughter grow up through various photos of her smelling the tulips!

Now let's go create! Shanna